The guts of what I do


The brain behind the designs

I am an art director, graphic designer and medical artist.

Art Direction and graphic design, sure, but medical art?

Medical art is about making science seen. Making it understandable and have the complex make sense and aid in comprehension. Graphic design works hand-in-hand with medical art as design makes things understandable, clear, and concise, which leads to its beauty.  I don't just make things "pretty"; I make and create with impact in mind.

I am an experienced and technologically savvy Graphic Designer and Medical Illustrator based in Chicago. With an exceptional talent for translating complex concepts into relatable text and images that engage a variety of viewers, I hold keen expertise in executing designs from concept to multiple media. I have developed branding and identity standards through development of logos, icons, and branding standard guidelines and make it a priority to provide clear communication, organization, and build relationships to achieve YOUR ambitious goals. I am a determined and driven individual that loves to learn and push boundaries. Oh, and I love coffee and chocolate, lots of it, together, individually, anything.

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Print, Web, Illustration... Let me at it.

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Send me a message if you would like to collaborate so I can make something special and with impact for your or your company, get to know about what I do and what I can do for you, or just to connect over coffee and chat. I'm always in search of meeting amazing people and establishing professional relationships. Also, don't forget to connect with me on social media!

Chicago, IL

E-mail: lindsey@lindseypionekdesigns.com
Website: www.LindseyPionekDesigns.com

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